Air Conditioning Section

Looking for economical and effective air cooling solutions? From initial survey to after sales service and maintenance A.J. Building Services (NW) Ltd
is recognised as the UK market leader in the design and installation of energy-efficient air conditioning systems. We offer a complete air conditioning service, and understanding that every project is unique we will create a proposal and quotation to suit both your requirements and budget
– all completely free of charge and without no obligation.

All our equipment comes only from leading air conditioning manufacturers such as Sanyo, Mitsubishi, LG, Fujitsu, Daikin and Toshiba – and incorporates
all the very latest technology to ensure you enjoy the benefits of low energy consumption, super-silent operation and ozone-friendly cooling systems.

In the past air conditioning was thought of as an extravagant luxury, but with rising summer temperatures and increasing quantities of heat-sensitive technology in our homes, workplaces and leisure facilities, most of us are realising that it is rapidly becoming a necessity.

Air conditioning is an effective way of controlling the temperature, movement and cleanliness of air inside a building. Providing a comfortable working environment enhances productivity and improves decision making.

The installation of air conditioning system will encourage customers to spend more time and money in your premises and is generally considered to be an investment rather than a luxury.

A.J. Building Services provide expert advice on all areas, and we will design an air conditioning system to suit your requirements and budget.

Our complete air conditioning service starts with one of our experts visiting your premises to discuss your air conditioning requirements.

A survey will be carried out of the room or office, when we will record dimensions (area/volume) and take into account a wide range of criteria such as:

  • The size and shape of the space to be cooled
  • Your current and potential future use of the space
  • Heat variables such as the number of occupants, lighting capacity, machinery and windows
  • Special requirements you may have

From this data we can design a suitably sized and customised system. We will produce a specification, describe the installation procedure and equipment, and provide you with a detailed quotation.

To give you complete peace of mind, all our air conditioning installations include our unique project management service.

Once your order has been placed our project manager will co-ordinate the installation process and activities of our fully qualified engineers, keep you fully informed of progress and ensure any effect on your day-to-day operations is kept to an absolute minimum right through to the hand over.

Working with our clients we can provide all the necessary documentation a project requires. Our in-house service enables us to supply detailed drawings, risk assessments, method statements as well as completion and full health and safety documentation as needed also our involvement continues with a twice yearly service of your system.

So, no matter what type of space you have, or what environment you are seeking to create, it’s likely, that A.J. Building Services has already found the solution.