Electrical Testing

We provide the full range of electrical testing. Electrical, Emergency lighting and fire alarms. This section deals with the electrical testing.

Emergency lighting testing image

Periodic Inspection Reports:- these are required on a regular basis for all properties with different degrees of frequency dependant upon various criteria, A.J.Building Services(NW)Ltd offer competitive rates for carrying out a periodic inspection report. Once a periodic inspection is carried out we provide a complete breakdown of any remedial works high-lighted within the report together with associated costs against each item which are sub-divided into their relevant codes 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Installation Certificate:- these are required after any new circuit is added within a building and would be produced when ever we carry out new electrical installation works in line with BS7671

Minor Works:- as the name implies these would be issued for any minor alterations to electrical circuits which do not entail the installation of a complete new circuit or protective device.

Visual Inspection
This is a low cost option particularly suited to potential home buyers. A visual inspection of the electrical installation is carried out to determine the age of the wiring and accessories, it’s general condition and compliance with current British Standards. If the installation is found to be generally satisfactory, a full inspection (periodic inspection report) including testing of circuits can be carried out if requested by the client.

We also offer the service for power analysing using a data logger

The Elcomponent SP Max power analyser simple 3 phase energy monitor & logger. No voltage connections. Measures current, voltage, kW, kWh, kVA, kvar, PF & Pulse. Software provided

We provide data logging through the installation of spmax meters which provide a printable data sheet in pdf or XL format. This analysis is used to verify your power consumption over time.

we can also offer the installation of other meters to verify transient currents and voltage fluctuations.