Heating & Technical Solutions

Very often the selection of the most appropriate air conditioning system becomes a balance between achieving the best aesthetic look, saving space, cost and the practicalities of installation. To help you understand some of the alternatives this section displays the aesthetic options for some typical applications and summarises some of the technical solutions employed.

Wall Mounted Units
Starting with the outer housing that incorporates the elegance of smooth lines, understands soft corners and finished in delicate ivory tones, through to physically compact units that discreetly compliment any interior. These units are a compact and convenient solution for residential, server rooms, restaurants and office applications or rooms with insufficient ceiling void. They can be mounted at the desired level from floor to ceiling.

The range of wall mounted systems available is ‘whisper quiet’ in operation and include the newly developed technology, which boosts air flow throughout the room by directing cool air to all corners of the room. The power diffuser feature is adaptable for heating and cooling modes. In vertical mode, heating is directed to floor level where cold air gathers, while the horizontal mode distributes cool air at ceiling height.

Operated by either hand held or wall fixed remote controllers puts the user in control: start/stop, timed programmes, temperature settings, fan speed control, air flow direction also where multiple indoor units are required, they can be installed quickly and easily and can be connected to a single external condenser box.

Impressive reliability figures, state of the art technology and a range of features that ensure that the user gets the best performance from every air conditioner and much more.

Floor Mounted Units

These air conditioning systems are used where high-level wall space is valuable and no ceiling space is available. They are designed to be mounted from the floor against an external wall so that the air ducts run directly through the wall. Uncased floor mounted units are a convenient solution if the aesthetics of a room are a key consideration. Units can be enclosed in a bespoke decorative surround to complement any room.

Operated by either infrared or wall mounted hared wired remote control enabling airflow direction, temperature, fan speed and operating mode adjustment – ideal as a storage heater replacement.

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